Young Feminists Movement

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We are  Group of young women and Girls from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjacemnt Tribal areas who claim themslevs as Feminsits


We live under a patriarchy:

“‘In Pakistan 42 percent of women accept violence as part of their fate; 33 percent feel too helpless to stand up to it; 19 percent protested and 4 percent took action against it,’ Government study in Punjab 2001” — (Amnesty International 2004:3).

The women and girls of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan are living under a tribal and Feudal system that is based on patriarchy. The norms and values of this patriarchal and tribal are presented as Islamic one by the Religious Groups. A tribal code of culture is followed in the name of Pakhtunwali. The Pakhtunwali has special status that grants recognition to tribal customs and traditions a status of customary law. It comprises notions such that honour/pride, Revenge, Institutions such as, jirga, council of elders, marrying girl for peace making.  Most of the customary institutions, practices and interpretations are highly gender biased. They exclude, marginalize and restrict women’s role in social, political, judicial, public and private spheres. Hence, establish the superiority of men over women within the family and society at large. Male authority, prestige and control over resources have also been enhanced using institutions, created through the system of political administration.

The religious Extremists are torching Girls Schools and are attacking the women working in NGOs and teaching in schools. A Girl Child MALALA was brutally attacked for her ideas that girls have a right to get education.

Pakistan is a country famous for many corrosion of society. It is also well known for harboring an extremely patriarchal culture. Girls marry young, have babies, are expected to be dutiful wives and remain in purdah. Majority of the women fall victim to assault and molestation at the hands of sexually repressed men. There are several stories of women being harassed in broad daylight. Parents are usually in a state of denial and instead of dealing with the situation maturely by bringing criminals into the light, they close the chapter altogether by severing ties in order to preserve the ‘honour’ and ‘shame’ of their daughters.

We the young women cannot be silenced for long and the momentum is stirring within our bright eyed and hopeful youth. The future generations of Pakistan are successful at spreading the message of love, not hate. Sons and fathers need to be taught that women are not a source of shame but utilitarian, productive and spirited members of society, wanting to give so much and asking for equality, respect and opportunity in return.

Who we are:

We are  Group of young women and Girls from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and adjacent Tribal areas who claim themselves as Feminists

We are Girls of age 15-25 from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province of Pakistan and adjacent Tribal areas living under Pakhtunwali the tribal and Feudal system that promote male dominance.

Our Vision

To promote activism among adolescent girls to create a world where all human beings are treated equally and there is no bias for sexual orientation, gender, race, cast, color, nationality and beliefs


Our Mission

Girls and women have equal rights as men because women and girls are not inferior to men and boys. We want 50/50 access of Girls to Social Services, Financial Resources, Recreation, Decision Making and Property Rights


Our Objectives:

  1. To promote Principles of Feminism and Gender equity
  2. To build capacity of adolescent girls to work for achieving the goals of Feminism
  3. To ensure Equal Status, Rights and Opportunities for women and Girls of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and Federally Administered Tribal Areas of Pakistan                   

Our Values Statement:

  1. We follow Feminist values which are based on Human Rights, Equity, Equality and Gender Justice
  2. We stand for Social, political, monetary and artistic equality between men and women.
  3. We believe in bringing down patriarchy and patriarchal ideas and given women choice to do whatever they want equally with men